6645 Tomken Rd Unit 10 - Mississauga ON, L5T 2C3
(647) 873-9990
6645 Tomken Rd Unit 10 - Mississauga ON, L5T 2C3
(647) 873-9990
Mon: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Tue: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Wed: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Thu: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Fri: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Sun: Closed
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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P285/45R22BridgestoneDueler H/L AlenzaNA 8/32 call 1 NA60766 
View P285/45R22BridgestoneDueler A/T RH-SNA 8/32 call 1 NA60753 
View P275/55R20GoodyearEagle LS-2NA 11/32 call 1 NA60762 
View P255/50R19MichelinLatitude Tour HPNA 7/32 call 1 NA60755 
View P245/65R17ContinentalCrossContact LX20 ECOplus+NA 7/32 call 1 NA60761 
View P245/60R18MichelinLatitude Tour HPNA 7/32 call 1 NA60747 
View P245/55R19ToyoOpen Country A20NA 8/32 call 1 NA60780 
View P245/55R19ToyoOpen Country A20NA 7/32 call 1 NA60751 
View P245/45R18PirelliCinturato P7 All Season PlusNA 8/32 call 1 NA60781 
View P245/40R19MichelinPrimacy MXM4NA 8/32 call 1 NA60768 
View P235/70R16SailunTerramax CVR EFTNA 9/32 call 1 NA60771 
View P235/70R16SailunTerramax CVR EFTNA 8/32 call 1 NA60769 
View P235/65R18MichelinLatitude TourNA 8/32 call 1 NA60742 
View P235/65R18MichelinLatitude Tour HPNA 7/32 call 1 NA60741 
View P235/60R18MichelinPremier A/SNA 7/32 call 1 NA60754 
View P235/60R17MichelinDEFENDER T+HNA 9/32 call 1 NA60759 
View P235/55R19PirelliScorpion Verde All SeasonNA 8/32 call 1 NA60798 
View P235/55R19PirelliScorpion Verde AS Run FlatNA 8/32 call 1 NA60767 
View P235/55R18MichelinEnergy MXV4 S8NA 8/32 call 1 NA60760 
View P235/50R18FirestoneFirehawk GTHNA 9/32 call 1 NA60745 
View P235/40R18AntaresIngens A1NA 8/32 call 1 NA60783 
View P225/65R17BridgestoneTuranza EL400-02NA 10/32 call 1 NA60784 
View P225/65R17YokohamaAvid S33NA 8/32 call 1 NA60779 
View P225/65R17YokohamaAvid S33NA 8/32 call 1 NA60778 
View P225/65R17YokohamaAvid S33NA 7/32 call 1 NA60757 

About JoTires

Jo Tires is the GTA's Best Used Tire Shop. Give us a call for help with your tires at (647) 873-9990. We're located at 6645 Tomken Rd, Unit 10 in Mississauga, ON. We have hundreds of used tires ranging in quality, size and brands. Our inventory is neatly organized for you to view online. We also offer New tires, and New and Used Rims and Wheels, and provide professional Mounting, Balancing & Tire Rotation. For payments we accept Cash, Debit, and Visa/Mastercard. Call us today at (647) 873-9990.
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